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Facebook Is Building The Facebook Phone Right In Front Of Our Eyes


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FB got the user experience. Right.

And then the community, big enough to roll out proprietary and ad-hoc services without the need to interact with the outter world.

It was missing basic features that enabled location, rich media synchronous communication and immediacy triggers. Well, tick them already.

Facebook already selects and tunes the world to its own. So, free web surfing is not a big deal, as far as it has an app rich environment. Got it. Well, let’s add a bit of an unwalled garden, just in case. And so, this is Opera for. But IMHO, Opera is not to enable just browser operations, but the basics of a Mobile OS (any conceptual relationship with BootToGecko from Mozilla?).

Next to come is hardware. Uh. This is going to be a bit harder. If it follows an american approach, it’ll fail. American devices have never succeed in being sexy enough (exceptions apart, such as the i-saga). In a world in which hardware is not really a commodity, there’re few options out there and some are already taken; Nokia-Windows, Motorola-Android…

But, oh, wait… Does FB really need to have a tailored device to have phones? Or, are they already cannibalising other’s by means of apps. What does “having a mobile phone” exactly mean nowadays? Are they going to follow Google’s approach by buying an OEM?

Samsung? Too big and too unfocused (good?). SonyEricsson? LG?…

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